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Wildfire Insurance
Know Your Coverage

Evaluating insurance coverage before it’s too late can save you and your family from potential heartbreak. Knowing what you are and aren’t covered for after a destructive wildfire is important.


Some important questions to ask of your coverage:


Are your personal belongings covered?


If your home burns down, what percentage will your policy cover to rebuild?


Does your plan include Additional Living Expenses?

Insurance Non-Renewals

The past decade has seen a rise in more destructive wildfires. More homes and businesses are being destroyed, especially in high-risk wildfire areas or the wild-land urban interface (WUI).


Homeowners are now receiving non-renewal notices declaring drop in coverage with little time to find new insurance that covers the right things after a fire.

Insurance is a complicated business. It helps to have someone by your side.

Fire Near Home

Ember Defense
Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Ember Defense knows fire and the path to take after disaster strikes. While Ember Defense acts as consultant with wildfire insurance, we have partnered with the best to show you the rest of the way.


Heffernan Insurance Brokers has helped countless clients find the right insurance. They are experienced in catering coverage to particular zip codes, especially in Northern California.


Ranked 29th in the top 100 Brokers of US Business, Heffernan Insurance Brokers can find the right plan for you.

Wildfire Insurance Request

We work with the best insurance brokers to develop plans that will cover your home in the event of a wildfire. If you have questions about your current coverage or would like to explore a custom plan that includes wildfire coverage, please reach out.

Wildfire Insurance

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