waveGUARD Patented Exterior
Wildfire Defense System

waveGUARD™ is NOT an irrigation system, it’s a safety system.

The waveGUARD™ System is self-activating and fully autonomous. Once running, it sends a wave of water and Micro Blaze Out™ fire retardant to saturate the roof and up to a 40-foot perimeter around the house.

Soaked landscape releases moisture into the air, lowering ambient temperatures, and increasing humidity. All of which significantly decreases the chance of ignition.


Smart protection when it matters most.

The waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Defense System features 4 Pillars of protection:

Fully Automatic Self-Activation

waveGUARD™ turns on and stays on without human intervention. Since the waveGUARD™ has its own power and water source, it can remain operational even when utilities are turned off during fire.

Sprayhead on roof post fire
Sprayhead on roof post fire
Micro Blaze

Micro Blaze Out

An eco-friendly fire-retardant is injected with the water for full wildfire defense. This “green” product is a live microbe that remains active for up to 14 days after dispensing.

waveGUARD RoofCool Function

This feature allows the homeowner to saturate the roof with water only (bypassing the fire retardant) and 40 feet of surrounding area anytime, an important function when an area experiences a heat wave, dry conditions, or an ember storm. When complete, the system automatically refills.

waveGuard Blue truck
waveGuard Blue truck

24/7-365 Monitoring and Protection

the waveGUARD™ System is monitored from central headquarters, ensuring all system checkpoints are functioning properly. The System can be manually activated from the keypad or emergency switch. App monitoring and remote activation available soon.


waveGuard Form

We will evaluate your home’s roof, siding, and windows for potential fire dangers. We take measurements to retrofit your home with ember and fire-resistant vents (Vulcan Vents), metal gutter guards (Valor Gutter Guards), and an external sprinkling system if necessary.