WASP Wildfire Protection Kit

WASP Wildfire Protection Kit

A Home’s Most Important Line of Defense

WASP sprinklers are installed on the home’s gutters, soaking the roof and surrounding vegetation in order to minimize the risk of ignition. Primarily used on residential homes, the WASP Wildfire Protection System is a cost-effective way to protect from dangerous embers.


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Patented Gutter Mount Sprinkler System

Embers travel for miles before a fire and can ignite a home quickly when they land on a dry roof. Many homes are lost in a wildfire because they burn from the top down. If sprinklers are present on the roof, homes have a much higher chance of standing in the face of destruction.


The WASP Gutter Mount Sprinkler System can be turned on and left operating even in the case of evacuation.

WASP Gutter Mount
Sprinkler System

  • Brackets are easy to install on existing gutters with an extendable pole
  • 33-foot spray radius
  • High-quality, agriculture-grade sprinkler heads are lightweight but durable and reliable
  • Sprinklers are non-impact and conserve water by working with low pressure
  • Water supplied from home’s existing hose taps
  • Can be installed on fences of home siding instead of gutters

Each kit contains:

2 patented sprinkler brackets

2 high-quality, agriculture-grade sprinkler heads

2 sets of forestry-grade lay-flat 25-foot hoses

2 fascia/fence brackets

port hill fire
Wasp sprinkler system
wasp sprinklers on gutter


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We will evaluate your home’s roof, siding, and windows for potential fire dangers. We take measurements to retrofit your home with ember and fire-resistant vents (Vulcan Vents) and metal gutter guards (Valor Gutter Guards).