Platypus Sprinkler

The Platypus Sprinkler can be your home’s best defense.

Platpypus Sprinkler heads are strategically installed around the home and on the roof’s edges to soak the home’s surroundings and put out any burning embers. Water in the air also increases humidity, minimizing the chance for ignition and further fire spread.

The Platypus Sprinkler has a twin outlet head that spins on a central shaft. The design of the head ensures water droplets spray out and down from the sprinkler head, spraying a full-circle spray pattern. The Platypus Sprinkler acts much like a fireman approaching a fire in a wide pattern to lower radiant heat and extinguish flames.

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Automatic Protection

The Platypus Controller measures ambient air temperature to automatically activate the sprinklers.

Homeowner sets a temperature to activate the system and the amount of time for the system to run and pause.

When the air temperature rises above the set point, the system becomes active for the set amount of time.

After the time has expired, the system pauses for the set amount of time to measure ambient air temperature.

If temps are still high, the system turns on again and repeats until the ambient air temperature falls below the set point.

The EVAC feature allows the user to manually turn the system on and run the cycles up to an hour when leaving the property.

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