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We are experts in the wildfire mitigation process and can help you navigate the increasingly complex landscape of selling property in wildfire prone areas. Schedule a presentation today to learn more about our services.

Residential Real Estate
Wildfire Challenges


Insurance premiums are rising at astronomical rates and still leave homeowners with a policy that is under insured. Some homeowners even face going without any coverage at all, leaving the property and all their belongings at risk.

Inspections and Local Regulations

The AB38 inspection is one of many that will be required during the wildfire mitigation process. Depending on the homeowner's location, you may be required by local laws to implement certain products/procedures. Navigating all of these can be overwhelming for homeowners and realtors.

Wildfire Mitigation Steps

Identifying everything that needs to be done to mitigate wildfire potential is a daunting task. Just doing a few of the steps leaves the property vulnerable to different potential ignition sources. True wildfire mitigation is an intensive and ongoing process, but when done right it can ensure the property and all belongings are protected.

Real Estate Evaluations

Onsite Assessment

The Ember Fire Team will perform a detailed property evaluation. The information gathered from the onsite assessment will be used to begin the evaluation process

Ember Model Wildfire Risk Assessment Structure Report

The Ember Fire Team will prepare a report containing an overview of the property's structure mitigation needs. The report will contain descriptions and photos of all the areas that have wildfire mitigation needs.

Ember Model Defensible Space Report

The Ember Fire Team will prepare a report that details the wildfire mitigation needs to create a strong defensible space around the home. This will include an analysis with photos and descriptions of the vegetaion, flammable structures, and any other ignition sources in the property's defensible space.

Pre-AB38 Inspection Photo Report

To ensure you are ready for the AB38 Inspection, the Ember Fire Team will provide all the fundamental information you need in an easy to navigate report.

Preferred Insurance Network

Access to an expansive network of insurance brokers who are well versed in current insurance requirements and options available to clients seeking assistance in procuring coverage. We cannot guarantee insurance coverage to all clients, but every step will be taken to ensure the property is covered.

Starting At

A travel fee will be charged for properties beyond 9 California Bay Area counties.

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How Ember Wildfire Defense Can Help

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Comprehensive Evaluation of Property

  • Onsite visit to review structures & vegetation, gain insight of all wildfire risk and mitigation needs
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment Structure Report providing mitigation solutions from an above industry standard perspective
  • Effective data to prepare for AB38 inspections
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Industry Knowledge

  • Assistance in navigating the complexities of wildfire risk disclosure
  • Education on insurance markets and the ever-changing state/federal regulations surrounding wildfire
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Preferred Insurance Broker Network

  • Strategic relationships with reputable insurance brokerages and carriers. We are adding more to the network every day.
  • Report data specifically structured for coverage procurement and FAIR plan applications

The Process


The Ember Fire Team completes an onsite assessment.


Ember Defense constructs an extensive report that contains essential data for AB38 Inspections and CA FAIR Plan applications.


Client receives their completed Wildfire Risk Assessment Structure Report. Client is introduced to preferred insurance network and Ember-Certified Contractor network.

Selling Property in High-Risk Fire Areas Just Got Easier.

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We Know What Works

There have been countless stories of homes staying standing due to wildfire home hardening updates. Ember Defense can help you navigate the process to ensure all precautions are taken.

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Insurance Premiums are Skyrocketing

Insurance premiums have risen at atronomical rates, leaving property owners with underinsured policies or no coverage at all. Ember Defense can help property owners navigate this difficult process.

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Communities Save Communities

A home-hardened community helps to stop rapid fire spread from home to home. When embers are extinguished where they land, less homes will burn. Make sure to talk to your community members about ways you can all work together to protect your community.

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