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Ember Defense is better because of our partners. The brands we work with care about fire safety just as much as we do. We all need to work together to protect our homes and businesses! Learn more about our partners here.


Vulcan Vents

The first line of defense starts with your vents! We are proud to partner with Vulcan Vents to install or retrofit fire-safe vents on every home and business.

Valor Gutter Guards

We help to make sure your gutters are clear of debris. Valor Gutter Guards is a great partner of Ember Defense, helping to add another layer to home and business fire protection.

Platypus Sprinklers

The Platypus® ember protection system offers an affordable and simple to install water based fire protection system designed and made in Australia.

Wasp Sprinklers

WASP is a great partner to Ember Defense. Supplying home and business owners with easy-to-use sprinkler kits help prepare homes in the face of fire!


The team at FireBozz is great to work with. Ember Defense carries the FireBozz line of portable water cannons, ready to stop embers and flames in their tracks.

Heffernan Insurance

Wildfire insurance is a complicated and constantly-changing industry. We are proud to call the experts at Heffernan Insurance Brokers our trusted partners.

Perimeter Solutions

Perimeter Solutions' product PHOS-CHEK® FORTIFY® is an award-winning fire retardant technology that delivers a proactive and preventive wildfire management solution. PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY effectively coats and maintains retardant on target vegetation and infrastructure assets, providing protection against ignitions throughout the peak fire season, even through weathering, rain or high winds.


Technosylva is the leading wildfire science and technology company that operationalizes wildfire science providing proven wildfire risk analysis solutions to enhance daily decision making for fire agencies and electric utilities.

Stop fire in its tracks. Ember Defense can help.

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