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Home-Hardening Process

At Ember Defense, we offer an extensive home-hardening package that will give you peace of mind that your home is protected even after you’ve evacuated. 


Our Home-Hardening Package includes:

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Evaluation for Defensible Space and Home Protection

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Installation of the Best Wildfire Defense Products

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Home Insurance Assessment 


We evaluate your home to include multiple layers of defense.

Eliminating ladder fuels, wicking fuels, fire-prone vegetation (some plants are more fire-prone than others), and being conscious of flammable debris, woodpiles, patio furniture, and other combustible fuels is critical in hardening your property. The area from the fence-line to the house is commonly called defensible space. Embers spread the fire quickly and when they land around your home, they can ignite ideal fuel sources such as flammable items kept around the home, bushes, dry leaves, and pine needles.

Keep your home
clear of combustion.

Our fire professionals at Ember Defense will evaluate your home to ensure there is adequate defensible space. The first five feet around your home are critical. Clear spacing will deter flames from moving horizontally and vertically from the ground to bushes and trees to get to the building. There are also certain types of vegetation to avoid while landscaping.

Highly combustible plants include:

  • Plants and bushes with oily, fragrant leaves
  • Trees and bushes with needles or thin leaves
  • Trees and plants with waxy or fuzzy leaves
  • Trees with papery bark

Defensible space also gives firefighters (if resources are available) more room to fight flames around the home. Clearing your property of combustible materials, vegetation, and debris can mean the difference between a house that stands during a fire and a house that burns. Ensuring that the area around your home is free from flammable material is an important part of residential wildfire protection.

Protecting your home starts with defense. 

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We install Vulcan Vents, Valor Gutter Guards, and have partnered with the best wildfire defense system companies in the industry.

Vulcan Vents

When your home is in the line of fire, every possible modern defense system helps. At Ember Defense, we install Vulcan Vents on all the vents that face that outside of your home including attic and crawlspace vents. Vulcan Vents act as a barrier that stops embers, heat, and fire from getting inside your home to do real damage. We use the Vulcan brand because it is the most trusted source for vent screens in the industry.

Stop fires before they ignite.

By screening the vents on your home you can stop embers, heat, and flames in their tracks. As heat from an approaching fire gets more intense, the honeycomb coating of the vent screen expands, swells, and seals shut, blocking dangerous flames from igniting fuel sources on the other side. The fine mesh screen blocks embers from entering your home and igniting your home from the inside out.

Valor Gutter Guards

We also install Valor Gutter Guards. By guarding your gutters, you can keep the vulnerable areas on your roof’s edge and eaves clear of leaves and pine needles that act as kindling during a fire. Valor Gutter Guards are placed over your existing gutters to keep them from filling up with flammable debris. 

Keep your gutters clear of kindling.

The Valor brand is the most trusted guard in the industry due to the all-metal construction. Plastic and foam gutter guards can warp, crack, melt, and can even ignite during a fire. Because Valor Gutter Guards are made from stainless steel, they provide more than gutter protection. They are also a fire-resistant feature for your home. Not having to clean your gutters is a real bonus as well. 

Your home should defend itself long after you’re gone.

By adding layers of defense like vent screens, gutter guards, and wildfire defense systems, your home will be prepared to stand against destruction. They may seem like additional costs, but they are worth it to prepare a home that can protect itself.


We help you choose the right insurance for your home.

Finally, we act as consultants regarding home insurance. Coverage can be confusing and insurance companies are increasingly requiring homeowners to take the necessary precautions to defend their home. Do you know what you are covered for? If your home does burn, what will be the cost to rebuild? Are you underinsured as a policyholder? What do you do if you received a non-renewal insurance notice?

These are all questions that are better asked before disaster hits. We work with a local broker that specializes in fire insurance. No matter the brand of home insurance you have or prefer, we can evaluate your coverage and suggest updates where we see fit.

We know fire at Ember Defense.

We know how it works, and what happens in the aftermath. 

Most importantly, we know how to protect your home in the first place.

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