Ember Defense Generator

When you can’t rely on power, make sure you have a backup.


Ember Defense is a designated dealer of Generac home standby generators which will provide backup power when there’s a power outage. Generac is America’s #1 selling home generator for a reason. Their generator power systems provide automatic backup power when you need it most.


Generac generators connect to your existing liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) fuel supply and automatically switch on after sensing power loss. The backup generators then stay on until utility power returns.


The Generac Guardian Series generators range from smaller portable power sources to keep only the essentials running to the largest air-cooled generators in the market that keep the whole house powered up.


Reno, Nevada

(775) 502-9160

Marin County

(415) 573-2400

Ember Defense provides homeowners with Generac Generators 9-22 kW GUARDIAN SERIES

With a 5-year limited warranty and 24/7 365-day customer support


Generac Generators now come with a FREE mobile link that allows you to remotely monitor your generator from your phone, tablet, or computer. That means that if you and your family are evacuated or away when the power goes out, you can monitor the generators’ performance to ensure your entire home or business keeps power.


By staying connected with remote monitoring, you can rest assured that the power stays on. Wi-Fi capability gives you the ability to connect your account to Generac’s customer support for fast, friendly and convenient assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Generac is the world’s leading supplier of home standby generators, engineered and built in the USA, and committed to customer service. By scheduling consistent maintenance, offering a generous warranty, and providing emergency services, Generac and its dealers make sure homes are never without power.

Fires lead to power outages. Ember Defense with the help of Generac Generators will keep your home or business running in a blackout.