Long-Term Fire Retardant

Phos-Chek Fortify

Add Another Line of Wildfire Defense

Select Ember Certified Contractors can apply PHOS-CHEK’s new and improved Fortify fire-retardant product around properties and businesses, a long-term fire retardant adding another level of protection against wildfire.


Select Ember Certified Contractors will INSPECT and ASSESS the critical 30-foot perimeter around a home or business and APPLY PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY long-term fire retardant to minimize the chance of ignition.

Phos-Chek Fortify long-term fire retardant can be used on

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Group 7363

Fence Lines

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Group 7363

Other Flammable
Materials Around
the Home/Business

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PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY long-term fire retardant is eco-friendly and long-lasting. As a long-term retardant, application helps prevent the start of fire by treating vegetation and flammable materials in place and rendering them non-flammable.

PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY is applied by select Ember-Certified Contractors at the start of fire season and will last until winter. Capable of withstanding two inches of hard rainfall while still being effective, it’s truly a season-long solution.

PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY : Award-Winning Solution
Phos-Chek Fortify Wins 2020 Best Venture Award


The use of PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY Wildfire Home Defense long-term fire retardant, along with proper fuel management principles provides homeowners with an added layer of defense in reducing the chance of losing their property and memories.

What will be applied?

A long-term fire retardant called PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY to be applied to vegetation and outbuildings around a home to help protect it from wildfire. It contains phosphates which are standard in fertilizers as well as ingredients that are approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Is PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY safe for me and my animals?

Yes. The product has gone through extensive testing to ensure that the product is safe for use, and has passed both the US Forest Service (USFS) fish as well as mammalian toxicity testing. After the product has dried, PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY is safe around people, pets, and the environment.

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