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Active wildfires move swiftly, and the most dangerous part is actually the smallest. Large flames roaring through a neighborhood seem like the most deadly. They are definitely the most dramatic. But the more threatening part of the fire is silent and often about the size of a dime. The most common culprits of home fires are what come before the flames- the embers. 


Protecting your home starts with defense. 

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When you hire ember defense, we make sure your home is ready to protect itself from fast-moving flames and the fire's deadly rainstorm of embers

Embers can travel over two miles ahead of the actual fire which means your home can ignite even when flames aren’t present. They can be as small as a pinhead or as large as a flying piece of plyboard. No matter the size, a single ember can burn your house down. Ember showers can rain on homes for minutes or even hours, piling up around the property and blowing into vents. They can settle under eaves, under decks, in your gutters, and get stuck in roof corners, igniting your home from the inside out.

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90% of homes that burn in a wildfire are ignited by embers alone. In the event of a wildfire, it is important to protect your home from all entry-points. 

Ember Defense retrofits your home with the best fire and ember-resistant products in the industry including:

Vulcan Vents to prevent embers and flames from entering your attic and crawlspace


Valor Gutter Guards to protect your gutters from debris pileup that can easily ignite


Wildfire Sprinklers to protect your property from flying embers

Ember defense will help you prepare your home for the worst and be a valuable resource in the aftermath.

The threat of wildfires in residential areas across the United States is getting more real every year. That’s why we dedicate so much time, research, and technology into creating wildfire defense systems that deliver peace of mind. With the Ember Defense home-hardening package, you’ll rest easy knowing your home and its contents are as protected as they can be - even after evacuation orders and before wildfire response.

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We will evaluate your home’s roof, siding, windows, fences, vents and gutters for potential fire dangers. While onsite we will take measurements to retrofit your home with ember and fire-resistant Vulcan Vents and metal Valor Gutter Guards. We will also give other suggestions that many homeowners may overlook. Even the smallest of details could save your home.