Are Wildfires Good for the Environment?

wildfire on cliff

Wildfires are scary. To see the raw power of flames ripping through trees engulfing everything in their path is impressive. To see how fast forest fires move from home to home in a neighborhood with the help of embers flying in the wind is terrifying. But that’s typically the difference between a fire occurring naturally, … Read more

What a Megadrought Means for Wildfires

truck driving on road through wildfire

Fire season is already getting longer every year on the West coast due to warmer spring and summer temperatures and reduced snowpack leading to dry conditions susceptible to severe fires. According to Cal Fire, there are already eleven uncontained fires across California and it’s only June. Add in the fact that we are currently in … Read more

What Causes a Wildfire?


The most direct answer to that is an unfortunate one. Humans are usually the cause for most wildfires, 84% according to a 2017 PNAS study with the rest, 16%, caused by lightning strikes. Here are the most common causes of human-caused wildfires: Sparks from power lines/electrical equipment Arsonists Sparks from vehicles Tossed cigarette butts Unproperly … Read more

How Coronavirus is Affecting Fire Prevention Efforts

firefighter fighting flames

The coronavirus has disrupted industries, altered lives, and put a hold on non-essential activities, including preventive measures for wildfires. Every year, local, state, and federal fire agencies work at making areas safer for wildfire season. These safety measures include prescribed burns, and clearing brush and undergrowth but due to the coronavirus outbreak, the US Forest … Read more

Ember Defense to Offer Free Home Evaluations in Marin County

Ember Defense, a wildfire home-hardening company based in Reno, Nevada, is proud to announce that they are offering free home evaluations in Marin County for the month of April. A full home evaluation from the fire professionals at Ember Defense is roughly an hour-long process and includes assessing defensible space, evaluating the home’s roof, vents, … Read more

Introducing Ember Defense: The Experts in Protecting Homes from Wildfires

We live in an age where natural disasters like fires are expected to wreak more havoc and leave behind more devastation than ever before. While there are many reasons for fires becoming fiercer and more destructive including increasing development and climate change, they don’t change the fact that homes are being destroyed.   Fires are … Read more

Australia Fires Spread Fast Due to Deadly Embers

forest fire

Australia has been on fire since June. And it’s not just in one remote area, like the outback, where Australian bushfires are common and can naturally burn out. There are fires burning in almost every state in Australia with some of the worst blazes in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria, highly populated areas. Sydney, … Read more

Fire Updates: What Fires Are Burning Now?

Fire season is a scary, stressful time. Not only is air quality awful due to smoke, the power may be out and, in the worst-case scenario, you and your family may have been evacuated. Whether you have been directly or indirectly affected by the fires burning on the West coast, it is important to stay … Read more

Updates on PG&E Power Outages | Why You Need a Generator

california fires

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) provides natural gas and electricity to over 16 million people in Central and Northern California. Their service area stretches from Eureka in Northern California, inland to the Sierra Nevadas, all the way to Bakersfield in Central California. Based in San Francisco, they run 106,681 circuit miles of electric distribution lines … Read more

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