Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

roofline and gutters

If you’re tired of dealing with clogged gutters, then you might be considering installing gutter guards. That can be a big investment, especially when you have a larger house, but are gutter guards worth it in the long run? To decide, you’ll need to consider what problems the guards will solve for you and what … Read more

What Is the Wildland Urban Interface?

house in the forest

If you love nature and sought out your house because of its location – abutting up to acres of wildlife and forests – then you might be living in a wildland-urban interface. These locations occur all over the United States, and while they’re appealing for many reasons, it’s also important to understand the wildfire risks … Read more

Take the Time to Revisit Your Home’s Wildfire Insurance

house on fire

2020 saw another record destructive fire season in California. According to CAL Fire, more than four million acres burned in nearly ten thousand wildfires, destroying over ten thousand structures and killing 33 people. The August Complex fire, which was ignited in mid-August by over 12,000 lightning strikes recorded over 96 hours, burned over a million … Read more

Ember Defense Now Offers Financing Through Enhancify

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RENO, NV (Jan. 13, 2021): Ember Defense, wildfire home hardening company, now offers customers financing options through Enhancify, an online e-commerce platform specializing in connecting homeowners with thousands of top lenders. Through Ember Defense’s company platform, customers can receive up to $100,000 in unsecured personal loans to use toward home improvement projects … Read more

Ember Defense Featured in SF Chronicle

SF Chronicle

“In the past three years, wildfires in California have destroyed more than 40,000 structures. The alarming scope and scale of these disasters has made home ‘hardening,’ the practice of armoring a building’s exterior against fire ignition, an urgent priority for homeowners across the state.” Embers are becoming more and more known for the destruction they … Read more

How Do Fire-Safe Vents Actually Work?

One of the best ways you can protect your house from burning down in a wildfire is by updating your vents. Traditional vents allow air in which is great for airflow in attic spaces and crawlspaces but not good for letting dangerous wind-blown embers in when there’s a fire near. Fire-resistant vents have a special … Read more

California Fire Update

california wildfire

It feels like we break records of the largest fires and the most destructive in California history every year. 2020’s fire season is breaking records again with 28 fires currently burning, already destroying over three million acres, displacing thousands, killing 24 with many still missing, and consuming over four thousand structures, according to Cal Fire. … Read more

What Exactly Does a Red Flag Warning Mean?

mountain side on fire

A red flag warning coming off of a fire weather watch is a forecast notice put out by the National Weather Service (NWS) when relative humidity is low, drought conditions are high, winds are strong, and lightning strikes from thunderstorms are possible. A red flag warning means that conditions are prime for fires to start … Read more