Facts About Wildfire

wood burning in fire

Fires, unfortunately, are becoming a normal part of life for many people across the United States, and really, the world. As humans move to areas that are more prone to naturally occurring wildfires, there will be more and more destruction to property and livelihood. While fires are largely unpredictable, there are certain characteristics that all … Read more

Ember Defense Featured as Weekly Guest on Sonoma County’s KSRO Radio Segment, Ask the Expert

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Aug. 23, 2021): Ember Defense, leader in wildfire home and business hardening services, is now featured weekly on KSRO, Sonoma County’s FM News Talk Channel. The segment, hosted by Michelle Marques, is titled Ask The Expert: Fire Ready North Bay with Ember Defense and airs on KSRO 103.5 FM, 94.5 FM, 1350 … Read more

Is Wildfire Smoke Bad for You?

wildfire smoke

It’s hard to complain about poor air quality when you think about the communities that are suffering from the actual fire. Towns may be under evacuation, homes and businesses could be burning down, and natural ecosystems destroyed. But the smoke from a wildfire poses its own risk and while smoke isn’t necessarily as terrifying or … Read more

Be Proactive | It Takes a Village

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It’s inevitable. This time of year, the constant worry is always in the back of your mind – will it be my town next? Am I prepared? What can I do? The question is no longer if, but when will the next big fire hit. These heat waves are hitting sooner and lasting longer than … Read more

Fire-Resistant Plants | How to Create a Fire-Safe Backyard

yard with fire resistant plants

When you’re designing your yard, choosing your landscaping, and planning your garden, wildfire always needs to be a consideration when you live in California and in other high fire-prone states. Surrounding your house with flammable plants can increase the chances of it igniting during a fire. Whether you’re planning your gardens for the first time … Read more

What to Pack in an Emergency Evacuation Bag

truck driving on road filled with smoke from wildfire

Evacuation is hard. Leaving your home and property during a wildfire is unsettling and frankly, terrifying. But when evacuation orders are made, it is crucial to follow them. There have been countless stories of homeowners staying behind to try to protect their properties from encroaching flames but end up having to be rescued. While it … Read more

5 Campfire Safety Tips

family out camping with campfire

Summertime means getting into the woods and going camping. There’s nothing much like waking up in a tent smelling like a campfire! While camping trips are super fun and a great way to spend time with friends and family, you still need to do it safely, especially when it comes to the campfire. According to … Read more

Phos-Chek® Fortify is the Step That Will Save Your Home This Fire Season

defensible space around home

Phos-Chek® Fortify is an award-winning fire retardant that provides season-long preventative protection manufactured by Perimeter Solutions and developed by Stanford University researchers. An annual application using standard equipment effectively coats target trees, plants, and other infrastructure assets that homeowners may not want to, or be able to clear for effective defensible space.  Phos-Chek® Fortify has … Read more

Ember Defense Partners with FireGuard Prevention Services to Offer Phos-Chek Fortify Fire Retardant to Customers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (06/22/2021): Ember Defense will now offer customers the option to apply Phos-Chek® Fortify fire retardant around their home or business via their new partner, FireGuard Prevention Services. Phos-Chek® Fortify is an environmentally-benign fire retardant that can be sprayed on vegetation, decks, and fences around the home, rendering them non-flammable. Easily applied once … Read more