How California’s Dry Winter Will Affect Fire Season

California hills

This winter season was quite the roller coaster with promising storms hammering the west coast in October and then December. Tahoe saw snow records nearly broken with more than three feet falling over December 26 and 27, 2021. Rain in the Bay Area saw an average of six to seven inches over nine days during … Read more

Homeowners Are Taking Fire Risk into Their Own Hands

tractor in woods

It’s becoming evident each year that wildfires are getting more intense and causing more destruction than ever before. There are many conversations around the “reasons” for worsening fire seasons from climate change to lack of resources to poor forest management to power equipment failure.  While each of these reasons warrants their own conversations, the point … Read more

Preparing for Fire in the Winter Months

garden in fall

While everyone is always thinking about fire preparedness during the height of fire season when wildfires are wreaking havoc and the air is thick with smoke, it is important to prepare for fire in the winter months as well.  As we have established, home hardening should be happening year-round but here are some things you … Read more

Facts About Wildfire

wood burning in fire

Fires, unfortunately, are becoming a normal part of life for many people across the United States, and really, the world. As humans move to areas that are more prone to naturally occurring wildfires, there will be more and more destruction to property and livelihood. While fires are largely unpredictable, there are certain characteristics that all … Read more

Ember Defense Featured as Weekly Guest on Sonoma County’s KSRO Radio Segment, Ask the Expert

Ember Wildfire Defense Solutions retina logo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Aug. 23, 2021): Ember Defense, leader in wildfire home and business hardening services, is now featured weekly on KSRO, Sonoma County’s FM News Talk Channel. The segment, hosted by Michelle Marques, is titled Ask The Expert: Fire Ready North Bay with Ember Defense and airs on KSRO 103.5 FM, 94.5 FM, 1350 … Read more

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