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The biggest cause of home fires is the smallest one to detect.

Snuffing out embers before they spark disaster.

Those waves of flame you see on news reports of homes and communities devastated by wildfire may look impressive, but far and away the most common culprit behind home fires is one about the size of a dime. It’s the ember and it can land on roofs, eaves, and gutters without notice…until.

This is how more than 90% of homes are ignited during a wildfire. It also happens to be Enemy #1 at Ember Defense. That’s why we dedicate so much time, research and technology into creating systems that deliver peace of mind in knowing your home and its contents are being given the most protection they can get - even if you’ve had to evacuate.

Wildfires are volatile and unpredictable. Your home defenses, on the other hand, should be something you can count on. At Ember Defense, we evaluate your home for defensible space, implement our wildfire sprinkler system, Valor gutter guards, Vulcan attic and crawlspace protection, and see that you’re properly insured. Altogether, that makes for the ultimate defense for homes in the line of fire.

Introducing Vulcan Vents

The first line of defense in snuffing out deadly embers.

Vulcan Vent Fire Test


Normal Vent Fire Test


Embers from wildfires even miles away have a knack for finding a home’s most vulnerable point for fires — vents. While typical vents actually accelerate the combustion process.

An ember catching screen blocks embers during ember attacks before the fire arrives. When wildfire nears and reaches a critical temperature, the intumescent coating on the matrix structure expands, creating a real ‘firewall’.

The Vulcan Vent

The ember catching screen blocks embers before fire arrives.

Get your mind in the gutters.

Guards that remove the kindling in your gutters.

At the edge of most roofs are gutters intended to drain water safely away from our homes. Problem is, most of those gutters harbor debris that can become kindling for embers looking for a place to catch fire. They’re essentially catcher’s mitts that become safe havens for leaves, needles and burrowing pests, and can also nurture wood rot. Gutter guards are placed over existing gutters to eliminate debris.

Valor Gutter Guard

Valor’s s-curve design and micro-mesh technology are part of what makes it America’s #1 gutter guard. Add the fact that its sleek and that it’s patented design capture all the water while preventing debris from entering the gutter and you understand its value to your home, both in terms of maintenance and as another means of fending off embers. Fascia boards don’t rot and home foundations are protected from the effects of saturation. 20 Year - product warranty and transferable to anyone who may buy your home down the road.

Just add water.

Surround your home with an effective sprinkler system.

Fire’s worst enemy is water. And when that water is unleashed with the power that our sprinkler systems deliver, your home is protected by a reliable, ongoing drenching that continues to run while you and your family evacuate.

It’s the most basic of firebreaks that have continually proven themselves across the country, including an extensive study by fire resources in Minnesota that cited its strength at protecting not only homes but the surrounding landscapes as well.

This high-powered, self-sufficient sprinkler system can run on a variety of water sources to ensure reliable supply.

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