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Every property is different and has its own unique wildfire risks. Ember Defense will pair you with an Ember Defense Certified Contractor to outline the services that are needed to harden against wildfire.


Implement: Ember Defense Certified Contractor will coordinate all work needed when it comes to hardening a client’s property from retrofitting ember and fire-safe vents, installing gutter guards, applying LTR or designing an exterior sprinkler system. All work is tailored to each property and performed with the highest care and standards


Once clients complete all of the recommended home-hardening projects, they can feel confident that they have a fighting chance against embers.

Meet Ernie the Evil Ember

  • Ernie travels up to 2 miles ahead of flames!

    Even though they are small, embers are the number one cause of destruction during a wildfire.

  • Ernie can ignite the home via weak spots.

    Embers often enter the home through vents, get caught under decks or in gutters, or land on flammable vegetation to create spot fires.

  • Ernie can be destroyed.

    Embers are the number one cause of wildfire destruction, but they don’t have to be. Home hardening tactics can put embers out wherever they land.

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